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Compassionate Legal Services

We promise compassionate legal services. Most of our staff are immigrants. Because of that, we get how hard the process is. And we want to help!

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We believe everyone should have legal help. Income or legal status shouldn’t get in the way!


Robert Ernesto Walsh

Attorney Robert Ernesto Walsh started the Abogado Ernesto Law Group. He’s helped thousands of immigrants from around the world. Born in Houston, Texas, Abogado Ernesto has family roots in Bolivia.
He leads Deportation Defense in Colorado. And he wants to fight for you with compassion. He’s built an experienced team to help you in this political environment.
CO Bar

Attorney Jerry Lopez joined us after law school in 2012. Born in Los Angeles, he’s lived with his family in Denver for years. He got his license in 2018. Since then, he’s helped hundreds of clients. And he wants to help you too. Jerry’s at our Denver office.

Attorney Jerry Lopez, Senior Associate

Attorney Brian Clark spent years in California. There, he defended the immigrant community.. That’s also where he went to law school. Now he helps our clients in court and at the I.C.E. detention center in Aurora. He works hard to fight court decisions. Clark makes sure the government respects your rights. He’s at  the Denver office. Call to get compassionate legal services from Attorney Clark.

Attorney Brian Clark, Senior Associate




Attorney Hugo Pereira holds degrees from the Law School of the Rio de Janeiro University, Brazil; from King’s College London, England and from The University of Denver, Colorado. Originally from a small city in Brazil called Itaperuna, Attorney Pereira practiced law in Brazil for over 20 years before coming to the US. His extended experience makes him a veteran of the law. Attorney Pereira will fight for your case with persistence and compassion.




Attorney Hugo Pereira

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