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Attorney Robert Ernesto Walsh, along with Senior Associates Robert Shikiar, Jerry Lopez, and Brian Clark, and our community-focused law firm, provide high-quality legal services for English and Spanish-speaking clients, with offices in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

In addition, we offer income-based assistance with legal fees. Request a consultation and see if you qualify for reduced rates.

We believe that no one deserves to be without legal services simply because they cannot afford most attorneys’ fees, or because they do not qualify for state-sponsored indigent services.


Robert Ernesto Walsh

Attorney Robert Ernesto Walsh, “Abogado Ernesto,” is the Owner of the Abogado Ernesto Law Group. He has helped thousands of immigrants from all over the world navigate the complexities of immigration law. A native of Houston, Texas, Abogado Ernesto has family roots in Bolivia.
Abogado Ernesto has been at the forefront of deportation defense for clients in Denver and Colorado Springs and from all regions across the state. He has assembled a team of knowledgeable and aggressive immigration professionals ready to provide you with the best legal representation in an increasingly hostile political environment.
CO Bar

Attorney Jerry Lopez has been with the Abogado Ernesto Law Group since he graduated from law school in Michigan in 2012. Attorney Lopez was born in Los Angeles, California and has lived with his family in Denver for many years. A licensed attorney since 2018, Jerry has represented hundreds of clients in immigration court and has led hundreds of immigrants along the complex path to residency, citizenship, and the American Dream. I am proud to have attorney Jerry Lopez as a Senior Associate.

As a client, you can have no stronger advocate on your side as you petition the federal government of the United States for the rights and benefits you are eligible for. Attorney Lopez is available for consults in our Denver office.

Attorney Jerry Lopez, Senior Associate


Attorney Robert Shikiar, Senior Associate


Attorney Shikiar has had a distinguished legal career that started in Washington DC with the Inter-American Foundation Office of General Counsel and Congressional Affairs as Deputy General Counsel where he worked with Congress to help fund the organization’s poverty alleviation programs in Latin America and the Caribbean. Attorney Shikiar has been sharing his knowledge and guiding younger attorneys in the immigration industry as an instructor and Deputy director at University of Colorado Law School in Boulder, and Denver University Law School. Robert joined the Abogado Ernesto Law group in 2019 and was named Senior Associate in 2021. Attorney Shikiar is President of the Denver Chapter of the non-profit immigrant rights organization Colorado Immigrant Assistants.
Attorney Shikiar is fluent in Spanish and he guides the firm’s deportation defense practice. He is firmly committed to providing access to representation for the vulnerable and underrepresented immigrant community in Colorado

Attorney Brian Clark has been advocating for the immigrant community both in California, where he attended law school, and here in Colorado. Attorney Clark has been with the Abogado Ernesto Law Group representing our clients in immigration court, at bond hearings at the I.C.E. detention center in Aurora, and writing motions and briefs challenging immigration court decisions. He is detail-oriented and a keen analyst of immigration law.
A staunch defender of the immigrant’s right to due process, Attorney Clark ensures that the federal government does not trample on your rights, regardless of your status here in the United States. Attorney Clark is available for consults in the Denver office.

Attorney Brian Clark, Senior Associate


Attorney Jandi Keum, Associate


Attorney Jandi Keum is an advocate for access to justice for limited English proficiency individuals and immigrants. Born in South Korea and raised in Costa Rica, Attorney Keum’s unique background has led her to practice law and conduct mediations in English, Spanish, and Korean.
Since graduating from the University of North Carolina School of Law, Attorney Keum has been practicing family law, military family law, and immigration law. In addition, she is a trained family law mediator.
Regardless of the type of legal issue, Attorney Keum approaches each client’s case with compassion and a focus on building a better, brighter future for the client. Attorney Keum will always prioritize the client’s best interests, whether that means negotiating or preparing for a hearing. She is available for consults in the Colorado Springs office or by phone.