Can I fill out the forms and send them myself? Why do I need an immigration lawyer?

The process can be very confusing, stressful and even annoying. If you do not have a lawyer, you are probably looking on the internet to learn about the Immigration process. The advice of these sites may be correct, but often they are not, using that advice is a risk. These sites do not have staff to help you. If you have any questions, there is no where you can call and ask for the process to be explained. We also want you to bear in mind that not all cases are the same and that each case has a different form to be processed.

Asking for a family member is a little harder than everyone thinks; it is not just to send the forms, you must also send the correct documentation.

Attorney Ernesto and his Legal Office staff will be happy to explain and help you in your Petitions for your family members.

What Can The Errors Cost?

Unfortunately, even the smallest mistakes can be expensive. For most requests based on the family, there is a risk of:

The loss of payments (currently around $ 1,800.00)
Lose months of your valuable time waiting (where your family member will not have a legal status)
Losing the ability to retry after a USCIS rejection (Example: When requesting a financé visa.)

Don’t Leave It Up to Chance – Talk to Us, First!

Most likely, you really need our help... The immigration laws are very complex and constantly evolving. Without an expert guide, the immigration process to unite families can be unnecessarily difficult and painful. Some things you should consider before sending or initiating the immigration process for your family are:

“Are you sure you or your loved one qualifies for the visa or citizenship you want?”
Have you or your loved one ever had any criminal charges in any country? If so, have you reviewed the statutes to see if the charge(s) think are “off your record”? Can you be sure paying the fine, and/or serving probation, and complying with the terms of your deferred adjudication will not land you or your loved one in deportation proceedings and immigration detention?
How can you be confident in the eligibility of your family member if you don’t know the consequences of your response to each question on a notice, form, application, or petition?
How do you know you’ve selected the correct notice, form, application, or petition… and packaged it in the correct way with the correct supporting documentation to get the result you want? The attorneys representing your petition have amassed a wealth of legal knowledge through legal scholarship and learning through procedural experience how that law is applied.

In addition, our lead attorneys began their careers with Immigration Law Firms and learned the professional in’s-and-out’s of the field from experienced mentors. Plus, our office continues to practice and encounter all kinds of different and unique situations that require new study into case law — and constant monitoring of changing legal events on a daily basis.

We never stop learning for you! In fact, this may come as a surprise to you, but…

“Questions on immigration forms, notices, applications, and petitions aren’t designed so DHS Immigration Officers can decide if they like you… they’re designed to generate administrative data and trigger grounds for inadmissibility!”

If you’re thinking about representing yourself (or using the services of a non-licensed, unregulated Public Notary) in an Immigration Proceeding, I genuinely wish you the sincerest of good fortune. I recommend you read every instruction extra-carefully and call the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at 1-800-375-5283. You can ask certified government agents if you are using the correct forms, and ask if you have all the necessary supporting documentation.

On the other hand, if you want a licensed professional on your side with rock-solid experience handling legal situations like yours, go ahead and give us a call today at 303-886-7187 or 719-822-2863. We offer affordable payment plans to all of our clients.

Discounts for Multiple Visa Applications

We can Offer Discounts for Multiple Requests since it takes us less time to gather the information for the applications, and these savings are for you and your family.

What this means is that if you are requesting an adjustment of status with your family-based petition, or you intend to sponsor several family members, you and your family would be saving.

A couple observations we believe true about our human condition, are:

"In our family relationships, we carry out the deepest and highest experiences of our life, and life is but a limited opportunity to experience. I take the trust that my clients place in my knowledge and experience with maximum humility. I resolve no less than 100% of the cases successfully, to make sure that their loved ones were legalized as residents and American citizens."
Attorney Robert Ernesto Walsh

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