Robert Ernesto Walsh

Owner and founder of the Abogado Ernesto Law Group.
Let's hear his story to understand why he fights for immigrants

Robert Ernesto Walsh

Attorney Robert Ernesto Walsh, "Abogado Ernesto,” is the Owner of the Abogado Ernesto Law Group. He has helped thousands of immigrants from all over the world navigate the complexities of immigration law. A native of Houston, Texas, Abogado Ernesto has family roots in Bolivia.

Abogado Ernesto has been at the forefront of deportation defense for clients in Denver and Colorado Springs and from all regions across the state. He has assembled a team of knowledgeable and aggressive immigration professionals ready to provide you with the best legal representation in an increasingly hostile political environment.
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Jerry Lopez

Attorney Jerry Lopez, firm's partner, has committed his entire legal career to helping immigrants obtain the right to live and work in Colorado. Attorney Lopez has deep connections to his Mexican heritage and knows first-hand the problems the community of immigrants faces on a daily basis.

He is experienced in all aspects of immigration law and is determined to achieve the best outcome possible for all his clients.
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Robert K. Shikiar

Robert K. Shikiar, firm's new partner, has led a distinctive career advocating for his clients, to include representing migrant farm workers throughout Colorado in their disputes against unfair labor practices and abuses. He has also assisted refugee families obtain residency and citizenship in the United States.

He has supervised and trained law students on asylum proceedings in immigration court at the University of Denver Law School and the Graduate School of International Studies. Attorney Shikiar brings his deep understanding of immigration law to your defense.
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Brian Clark

Attorney Brian Clark has been representing immigrants at their hearings since receiving his law degree from California. He advocates for his clients at Denver Immigration Court, appears beside them at interviews with USCIS in Centennial, and fights to obtain bond for those detained at the I.C.E. Detention Facility in Aurora. His experience and familiarity with the immigration system enables him to confidently advocate for you.

Attorney Clark will explore every avenue available for your defense against deportation and your prolonged detention in Aurora.
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