Mexican woman entered U.S. illegally
April 27, 2017
Mexican young man with family in U.S.
April 27, 2017

Mexican man marries U.S. citizen

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Our client is a mexican man, born and raised in Zacatecas.
In 1997 he met his wife (a dual citizen of the U.S. and Mexico) in Chihuahua, Mexico through mutual friends as she was continuing her education. They were engaged and living together a couple years as they prepared to leave Mexico together. In 2000 they entered the U.S. in search of a more secure financial future, however our client was unable to obtain a visa and crossed through El Paso, Texas through illegal channels. The client was 28 years old at the time.
The couple have raised 2 children, both U.S. citizens, and our client has been working for cash payments through his job as a construction worker for many years in the city of Denver, Colorado. As a cornerstone of the family, they depend on him for emotional and financial support. Our client’s family was very concerned about the possibility of our client having to leave the country. Not only would that put an immense burden on his wife and children, but he would also have a difficult time finding work and remaining safe in Mexico.
Aware of his transgressions for coming into the country illegally, our client sought the help of our experienced legal team to help him adjust his status to remain in the country. However, throughout the process, some of the client’s past information came to light. In the early 90s he was charged with a sexual assault under a previous name in another state. These charges were all dropped a few years later and did not hinder our ability to assist our client in the legal process. We were still able to get his case approved.
Our client was able to apply and receive his visa and re-enter the country legally, adjusting his status as a resident and secure a safer future for himself and his growing family.
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