Mexican man marries U.S. citizen
April 27, 2017

Mexican woman entered U.S. illegally

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Our client is a 27 year old  mexican woman.
She entered the United States without inspection as a young girl with her family. She began attending school in the second grade and ended up meeting her husband in middle school; a U.S. citizen by naturalization. They remained high school sweethearts and later married in 2011 in Denver, Colorado. They now have 2 children. Our client is an attentive and loving stay at home mother and cares for her children while her husband works and earns their income.
Client’s husband has experienced anxiety and emotional distress as his partner goes through the immigration process in fear of her being taken out of the country and being unable to return. This would cause familial rifts as she is their primary caretaker, forcing her husband to have to leave his job or put his children in alternative care to provide for them.
Other concerns they share as a couple is her legal employment status. Her wish is to be able to get a part time job so that she can help her husband in a joint effort to pay their bills and ease the strain of their financial burden. There is also the additional stress on the children, who are both at an age to understand that their mother is in a difficult situation and rather than separate them if she were to be deported, the family had decided to relocate if it were ever necessary. Transitioning to a life in Mexico would be extremely taxing on the entire family, as they have little to no next of kin and the children are both born US citizens.
Our client, being an imperative part of the functionality of the family, and having no criminal background, had no trouble to getting an approval from the government on her provisional waiver with the help of The Abogado Ernesto Law Group. This pardoned her illegal entry into this country and allowed her to apply for a visa. Although the risk of having to leave the country for a brief period was something she was concerned about, the staff at The Abogado Ernesto Law Group were able to ease her worry with their proficient preparation and helpful disposition. After her consular interview she was able to re-enter the country legally without issue. With this adjusted status she can now work outside of her home and help her husband to achieve a better life in the United States.
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