Mexican young man with family in U.S.
April 27, 2017
Mexican entered U.S. illegally
April 27, 2017

Philippine Woman With US Fiancé

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Client is a 41 year old woman, born in the Philippines.
She came to The Abogado Ernesto Law Group for assistance in obtaining legal residency as she had been staying with her fiancé in Denver on an extended trip and recently found out that she was pregnant. This prompted the couple to hasten their marriage vows before the arrival of the baby.
They met on an online dating website and began a romance that spanned the length of many months, visiting back and forth to the United States and her home in the British Islands where she was working. Together they wanted to blend their families, both of them having children from previous relationships, and raise their new baby here in Denver.
Pregnancy is a trying time for any woman, and for our client it would have been made even more difficult with having to separate her from her husband during a period where she needs to be closest with him.
The Abogado Ernesto Law Group understood the importance of keeping this family together and were eager to assist them when they came to the office for help.
The client’s husband was able to petition for his wife to adjust her legal status here in the country without having to return to her home in the British Islands. With this approval she is now a legal resident of the United States and is able to seek employment and educational opportunities. She has also secured a safe and bright future for her child.
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