If you or a loved one is being detained in Global Expertise Outsourcing (GEO) or has received a Notice to Appear before an Immigration Judge (NTA) issued by the Immigration Processing Center and / or customs control (ICE for its acronym in English) You must make an appointment with one of our lawyers experts in the Defense against Deportation.

Unfortunately, the cold reality of today’s immigration legal system is that many detained individuals will be deported. However, that does not mean these individuals do not have options.

One of our Experienced Immigration attorney can guide you or a loved one through this process and put you or your loved one in the best possible position, given current circumstances.

We offer initial consultations with a qualified and experienced attorney.

In your initial consultation we’ll tell you what legal defenses are available, what the chances of success might be, and what our rates are, should you choose to hire us.

In addition, we offer flexible payment plans with low down payments to all our clients.

If you have a friend, family member, or loved one who is in jail for a criminal case because of an immigration hold — or in immigration detention — The Abogado Ernesto Law Group will send an attorney to visit him/her in jail or detention for a consultation about their case.

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