Mexican entered U.S. illegally
April 27, 2017

Young woman from Morocco

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Our client is a 26 year old female born in Taza, Morocco.
She entered the United States on a tourists Visa and while she was here began working. She met her husband at their place of employment in 2015. As they worked together they began a short but passionate romance. The two took a trip to Las Vegas in March of 2016 where he proposed to her and it was there they decided to tie the knot.
Love can find us in all places, and as our client came to the U.S. with plans to travel and work for a brief time, but did not expect to meet the love of her life. With all of the excitement that comes with the promise of marriage, there was also a looming fear and concern of her not being able to remain in the United States with him and being forced to return to Morocco.
Our client’s husband was able to petition for approval to update her legal status without having to exit the country and return to Morocco awaiting a Visa. As difficult as it can be to get approved for these types of adjustments, we were successful and were able to keep our client in the United States with her family and new husband. She can now look to the future she has been eagerly planning with her partner as they start their new life together.
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