Immigration grants increased by $10 million. PC: Yaghmai Law Firm,

The DHS has just opened applications for citizenship grants. The Citizenship and Integration Grant Program will give $20 million in grants. That’s $10 million more than last year. 

This program exists to give noncitizens better access to immigration resources. And the increased funding will help organizations reach more communities. 

Organizations that help immigrants prepare for naturalization can apply for the grants. This includes groups that teach English, U.S. History and civics. In addition, 2022 is the first year the grant can also apply to other creative approaches as well. 

The categories included are:

  • Citizenship Instruction and Naturalization Application Services. This will fund citizenship instruction and naturalization application. The hope is to award 42 groups up to $300,000 for two years. 
  • Community and Regional Integration Network Grant. This grant focuses on integration services. It applies to organizations working mostly with Refugees and Asylees, victims of human trafficking and criminal activity, abused spouses, children and parents and Cuban and Haitian entrants, among others. USCIS expects to give up to $300,000 each to organizations working with these vulnerable populations for two years. 
  • Regional Hub Program. This program focuses on regional networks that provide direct citizenship preparation. Applicants should be willing to function as an information hub. There will be 5-10 grants of up to $1,000,000 each for two years.
  • Innovations in Citizenship Education Program. This grant applies to those seeking innovative ways of helping immigrants with naturalization and integration. The hope is to award 25 organizations up to $250,000 for two years. 

Over the last 13 years, this grant program has provided $112 million through 513 separate grants to organizations. In turn, these organizations have helped over 300,000 immigrants in 39 states. This year, with the immigration grants increased by $10 million, the DHA hopes to add many more to that number.

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