The United States government has announced that the processing of K-1 visa applications will be resumed with high priority in some consulates.
K visas are created for international citizens who plan to marry a citizen of the United States. Due to COVID-19 and the border shutdowns, their processing has been temporarily suspended, since mid-March.

Effective August 28, posts are authorized to give K visa cases high priority. Applicants should check the website of their nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate for updates on what services that post is currently able to offer. The I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancé (e) is typically valid for four months; however, consular officers may revalidate the I-129F petition in four month increments. For most cases impacted by the suspension of routine visa services or COVID-19 travel restrictions it will not be necessary to file a new I-129F petition.

This is great news for those who already submitted their K-1 visa applications and have been waiting for some time. Their applications may now be taking priority over others. The State Department announced it is up to each consulate to determine whether their staffing and workload allow prioritization of K-1 visa applications.

This announcement does not exempt K-1 visa applicants from the Presidential Proclamations banning visa issuance to persons within China, the Schengen Area, UK/Ireland, Brazil, and Iran.

The United States K visas are categorized into three main types: K1 visas, K-2 visas and K-3 visas.

Through the K-1 visa overseas national fiancés are eligible to temporarily enter the US for the purpose to marry their petitioning, a US citizen.
K-2 visas permit the overseas national fiancés to bring their children with them into the United States. But, the applicant must be aware that both K-1 and K-2 visas have specific requirements and guidelines, which must be seen.

K-3 visas are awarded to spouses of US citizens from a foreign country.

The temporary suspension of K visas has left a large share of separated persons, while they sought help from authorities to reunite with their loved ones.

If you’re interested in applying for a K-1 visa to bring your fiancé to the US from a foreign country, then apply now! The flood of K-1 visas have started and you will want your application in as soon as possible. We highly suggest you consult with an immigration professional to determine your eligibility. They will also be able to complete your application where they will ensure you have the greatest chance of acceptance.

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