Meet our compassionate paralegals! Abogado Ernesto has a wonderful staff of people who want to help you. Their job is to help the attorneys process paperwork They’re here to help you on the road to citizenship. And most of them are immigrants too! So they understand the struggles you’re experiencing. 

María Mendez knows what it’s like to dream of being legal in the US. So she pursued a Paralegal career to help others like herself achieve it. Abogado Ernesto has given her a professional environment where she can defend clients. María’s always ready with a smile, and is eager to fight by your side with kindness and compassion. When she’s not at work, she likes to explore and try new things.

Damaris Walker moved from Mexico to the US as a child. She studied Communications and Psychology at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. As an immigrant, she understands the difficulties in the immigration process. And as a paralegal, she is able to help others through them. She moved to Colorado with her husband, who’s in the Air Force. During her free time, she likes to go out with her family.

Andrew Taylor Gresham loves helping overly busy clients and attorneys. He works hard to ease their loads. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Auburn University, as well as an Associate’s Certificate in Paralegal Studies from Pikes Peak Community College. Andrew has been with Abogado Ernesto since April of 2022. In his free time, he likes playing drums and listening to rock and metal. He also likes learning about the world’s cultures and languages.

Celia Margarita García moved from California where she was an assistant in a pain management clinic. Then she applied for a receptionist position at Abogado Ernesto. At the time, one of the paralegals was leaving. Because of that, Robert approached her about becoming a paralegal. Eager to help her clients more directly, Celia agreed. After some training, she became a paralegal. Over the years, she’s been able to help her mother, aunt and uncle gain their citizenship. Celia likes to spend time with her family and caring for her plants.

Arnold Salazar attended the Paralegal Studies Program at Miami Dade College, the AILA Paralegal Course, and other related programs. After that, he volunteered for the law firm of Fernando Chávez in community outreach. During that time, he became fascinated by the law and by many communities in need of immigration services. After 10 years of working in Miami, he moved to Colorado to be closer to family and for the dry and cold weather. Arnold has been with Abogado Ernesto since April of 2021. He is passionate about fighting for his clients and representing New Americans.

Dayana Salazar was introduced to the paralegal world by her paralegal husband. After studying psychology at Florida International University, she realized she didn’t want to pursue psychology. But she did still want to help people. She is familiar with the frustrations of the immigration process, having gone through it herself. And she understands how a person’s legal status impacts their lives in all areas. Going to work as an immigration paralegal seemed like a logical next step for her. When she’s not helping clients, Dayana loves to help animals. In Florida, she worked with an organization rescuing cats and dogs.

Karina G Gaona-Ceballos got her medical degree from Pikes Peak Community College. However, she’s always been intrigued by criminal defense cases she heard about or saw on the news. In those cases, you only see one side of the story. Karina became a criminal law paralegal to learn the full story of every case. She also wanted to grow others’ and her own knowledge of the court system. She likes to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and doesn’t let her emotions get the best of her. When she’s not helping others with their legal case, she likes to listen to criminal podcasts. She also enjoys reading and spending time with her husband and niece.

Let our compassionate paralegals be part of your story. By letting Abogado Ernesto help, you’ll get to have them help represent you!