“Remain in Mexico” Finally Ends. https://www.voanews.com/a/supreme-court-certifies-ruling-ending-trump-border-policy-/6682869.html

The Trump-era Remain in Mexico policy has finally ended. 

After having his attempts to end the policy earlier this year thwarted, Biden has finally achieved this victory. Texas judge Matthew Kacsmaryk finally lifted his injunction on the initial attempt to scratch the policy. And the Supreme Court has certified the ruling. 

The DHS responded positively to the decision, stating that the policy has proven costly in resources as well as human lives since it was established in 2019. Since July 6th of this year, close to 5,800 asylum seekers have been sent to wait in Mexico. 

But no one can be enrolled in the program anymore. And those still in it when the policy ended will be allowed to enter the U.S. for scheduled court dates

With this new motion being so new, a lot of questions remain. For now, DHS has told former enrollees to follow instructions in mail communications and await further instructions. But it’s a major victory that will hopefully bring positive changes for immigrants as well as for immigration resource usage.




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